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Audi activesphere concept
The Audi activesphere concept driving in the street.

The Audi activesphere concept*

Redefining quattro performance for high-class outdoor activities, the Audi activesphere concept* converts Audi’s history into Audi’s future. The symbiosis of elegance, practicality and capability makes the Four Ring’s latest study the perfect lifestyle companion.

Rear view, photographed at a slight angle, of the Audi urbansphere concept.

The Audi urbansphere concept*

A haven in the heart of rush hour, the fully automated Audi urbansphere concept* is not only a lounge on wheels but also the largest concept vehicle to join the sphere family so far. With its high-tech offerings and generous interior space, it brings first-class comfort to life.

The Audi grandsphere concept

The Audi grandsphere concept*

The second of the sphere concept vehicles provides a glimpse of the premium mobility of the future as interpreted by Audi. The fully reconceived interior becomes a capacious space for experiences with the feel of a first-class lounge.

The Audi skysphere concept

The Audi skysphere concept*

As the first in a series of concept vehicles illustrating how Audi is actively shaping the future of premium mobility, the study fuses technology and design, opening the door to whole new worlds of experience.