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Audi Insurance | New and Pre-owned | Audi South Africa

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The insurance your Audi deserves.

Choose from a full range of insurance products to protect your Audi and your finances

Now that you own an Audi, protect it with the insurance that’s made by Audi. Audi Financial Services gives you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your car. Our products are also competitive and deliver true value for money.

If you want Audi protection, visit your nearest Audi dealer, fill in a form and we’ll give you a quote.

Find out which products work for you by clicking on any of the below:

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    Comprehensive Insurance Cover.

    Audi Comprehensive Insurance Cover protects you from accidental damage, fire, theft and 3rd parties.

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  • Shortfall-Pus-Cover.jpg
    Shortfall Plus Cover

    If there’s a shortfall between your insurance pay-out and the balance in your finance agreement from an accident, Shortfall Plus Cover will make up the difference.

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  • Customer-Protection-Plan.jpg
    Customer Protection Plan

    Retrenchment, serious illness, permanent (and temporary) disability, and death are things we must prepare for. The Customer Protection Plan will cover your vehicle repayments in difficult times.

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    Retrenchment Cover

    Involuntarily retrenchment is a possibility and can leave you with insufficient funds to make your payments. Retrenchment Cover will ease your concerns by paying your monthly vehicle instalments.

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  • Deposit-Protector.jpg
    Deposit Protector

    If your new Audi is hijacked, permanently stolen, or written off, the payout from your insurance might not be enough to get your full deposit back. That’s why we created Deposit Protector.

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  • Return-to-Invoice-Policy.jpg
    Return to Invoice

    If your car is permanently stolen or written off, the Return to Invoice policy protects you from the effects of depreciation by paying out the original purchase price, less the comprehensive payout.

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  • Coutesy-Car.jpg
    Courtesy Car

    Whenever your car is off the road, you’ll get a courtesy car.

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  • Audi-Care-Plan.jpg
    Audi Care Plan

    Whether it’s a dent, a stone chip, a scratch, wheel repair or even a minor repair to the interior of your car, the Audi Care Plan will have your Audi looking as good as new in no time.

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  • Audi-Extended-Warranty.jpg
    Extended Warranty

    The Extended Warranty gives you maximum protection at a minimum cost. You’ll have peace of mind when it comes to unforeseen mechanical or electronic failures.

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  • tyre-and-rims400x225.jpg
    Tyre & Rims Cover

    Your vehicle's tyres and rims are exposed to countless hazards every time you're on the road. While you may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, you can cover yourself against it.

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