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FAQ | Audi Financial Services | Audi South Africa

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Frequently asked Questions

If you have a question about an aspect of Audi Financial Services, take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions below. We’ve collected together all the most common queries customers ask us about, so you may find the answer right here.

What information do I need to provide to Audi Financial Services when applying for credit?

The National Credit Act (NCA) requires credit providers to conduct a proper credit assessment. The consumer will therefore be required to provide detailed information of their household budget as well as a statement of income and expenditure.

The following is a list of all documentation and information that is required when applying for vehicle finance. All documents must either be the original or certified as the original document.
  • Your SA Green barcode identity document
  • Your valid driver’s license
  • Your salary advice slip
  • A utility bill not older than 3 months (i.e. Water and Lights account or telephone account showing your residential address)
  • Details of your bond (house) repayments
  • Details of repayments for any other vehicles
  • Details of any personal loan, credit card and/or overdraft repayments
  • Details of any monthly furniture account or store account repayment
  • Details of any policy or insurance premium payments
  • Details of any monthly telephone or cell phone account repayments
  • Details of monthly food and entertainment costs
  • Details of monthly education costs
  • Details of general maintenance costs

Why do I have to comprehensively insure my vehicle?

Comprehensive insurance is there to protect you, Audi Financial Services and any other party involved in an accident. Should your vehicle be stolen or written off without insurance, then you will still have a debt to repay.

How much can I borrow?

Subject to satisfying our normal credit and affordability criteria, we will advance up to the full amount of the motor vehicle being purchased, although in certain circumstances we may require you to contribute a deposit.

What happens if there is an accident and my vehicle is written off?

We require for your protection and ours that your vehicle is comprehensively insured at all times. In the event of an accident you should submit a claim to your insurer. Please note you must continue to pay normal monthly instalments pending determination of your claim. If the vehicle is not insured, we will take possession of the vehicle and sell it at public auction. You will continue to be liable for the difference between the net sales proceeds received from the vehicle and the insurer’s settlement amount. Our Shotfall product can cover you for such shortfalls. For more information visit the insurance section of the site.

I have a complaint with my vehicle and am not satisfied. Why should I continue to pay Audi Financial Services?

You need to understand there is a difference between any vehicle problems and your obligations under your finance contract. In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your vehicle you should contact the dealership where you purchased it. In law, the fact that you have a complaint with regard to the vehicle does not entitle you to cease making payments on your finance agreement. We would prefer you to contact us in these circumstances, so we can fully understand your situation and recommend the most appropriate action.

As an existing customer, where can I find my account number?

Your account number can be found on your copy of the agreement that you signed at the time you took out finance. Alternatively, it is also quoted on your monthly account statement. You may also contact our Relationship Centre on 0861 288 272.

What finance terms can I have under Audi Choice?

Currently, we offer terms of 24, 36 and 48 months in conjunction with the Audi Choice Program.

What happens if I exceed the kilometre limit?

The kilometre limit is set at the start of your contract. Currently, we offer terms of 20 000kms, 25 000kms and 30 000kms per annum in conjunction with the Audi Choice Program (The selected annual kilometre limit will affect the Guaranteed Future Value). If you exceed the kilometre limit, there is an excess kilometre charge that will reduce the value of your Guaranteed Future Value.

Is Audi Choice available on all Audi vehicles?

The Audi Choice Program is available for selected new models only. Please talk to your local Audi dealer to confirm which models are eligible for the program.

Are there any exclusions with this option?

Yes, the Audi Choice Program is not available in conjunction with any other finance offer. It also excludes Fleet Clients, Rentals, Hire Car, Chauffeur Companies or Government Buyers.

Can I finance any factory options, warranty and insurance under the program?

Yes. Factory fitted options, warranty and certain insurance products are eligible for inclusion on the finance contract. Your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager will be able to provide you with more information.

What is the ‘acceptable condition’ of a vehicle?

This takes into account a vehicle’s age, kilometres and overall covering condition from mechanics to bodywork, electrics to upholstery and fair wear and tear (FWT) which is the amount of deterioration that would be reasonable. You can find more information about FWT.
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