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By staying at the forefront of what is possible, Audi’s advanced technology has redefined the automotive industry. We continue to push performance limits, one innovation at a time. We constantly engineer lighter, more efficient vehicles that are designed to balance their technological prowess with sophisticated silhouettes and interior design.



quattro is Audi’s world famous all-wheel-drive technology. It merges safety, sportiness and technical advancement in-one. quattro ensures exceptional grip and traction, no matter the weather or terrain.

Virtual Cockpit

The Audi Virtual Cockpit is an innovative dashboard display, modelled on the cockpit of today’s most advanced fighter jets. From the latest traffic updates to your nearest petrol station– the Virtual Cockpit makes sure you’re always informed, at the touch of a button.

Virtual Cockpit
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    Audi TFSI intelligence makes the engine an extension of the driver by combining direct acceleration with quick responsiveness. This results in a dynamic turbocharge, all while remaining extremely fuel-efficient.

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    The MMI is best described as a personalized, built-in intuition. This operating system allows you to conveniently navigate everything from navigation and entertainment to interior and ride dynamics on Audi models with drive select.

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    Audi Ultra

    Less is more. Audi Ultra’s lightweight technologies use innovative design and construction materials to keep our vehicles as light as possible - maximizing your car's performance on the road.

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    LED Headlights

    Audi’s LED technology takes visibility to a new level. Our cutting-edge lighting allows you to see and be seen, not only at night but also in broad daylight, helping you stay safer on the road.

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    Audi’s commitment to motorsport is rooted in technological advancement. For decades, the racetrack has been an ideal lab for our groundbreaking innovations, from the Audi quattro all-wheel-drive to TFSI, and TDI diesel engines.

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    Audi Sport

    Born on the racetrack and built for the road, Audi Sport models boast impeccable design, exceptional performance range and unparalleled speed.

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engine technology

Engine Technology

Audi's Engine Technology offer tremendous efficiency and even more astonishing performance. We are constantly developing state-of-the-art, technological systems set new standards in the automotive industry. Our innovations are renowned for their increased torque and reduced fuel consumption and have won multiple awards including “International Engine of the Year” for the past seven years.

Interior Technology

Interior Technology

Audi's Interior Technology is a brilliant synthesis of style and systematic intelligence. Our controls are driver-orientated and allow easy operation even at performance extremes – all without the driver ever having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

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    Electric Mobility

    Audi’s commitment to electric mobility is a cornerstone of our values. We were the first manufacturer worldwide to use an electrohydraulic integrated brake control system in a series production vehicle with electric drive. Our world-class, high-voltage batteries can store up to 95 kWh of energy and are currently the most advanced example of long range electric mobility.

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    Plug-in Hybrid

    Audi's Plug-In Hybrid has an electric motor that’s been integrated into the transmission of it’s turbo-charged gasoline engine. The electric motor supports the combustion engine during acceleration for increased fuel efficiency and exceptionally high ‘start off’ performance.