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Safety and Security Features

Smart networking technology works throughout the journey to give you a more relaxed drive. These intuitive safety functions give you real-time information about your Audi. They also ensure easy access to vital services like roadside assistance and emergency calling.

Get to know the standard Audi Safety and Security features, right here.


Online Roadside Assistance

Added peace of mind is within arm’s reach. In the event of a breakdown, you can call for roadside assistance at the touch of a button. This triggers a voice call to your chosen breakdown call centre, where a certified Audi incident assistant connects you with a professional breakdown service. By sending accurate vehicle and location data to the breakdown call centre you are assured of a quick repair or towing service at the site of the incident (no myAudi account or registration is needed to access this service).


Emergency Call

When you can’t call for help - your Audi will. If there’s been an accident your car automatically connects to the Audi emergency call centre. The GPS position, driving direction, and number of passengers in your car are transmitted to relevant local authorities. The emergency call feature is essential for a safer drive and cannot be switched off. Some benefits of this feature include:

  • It offers you personal support via voice call before help arrives
  • It is automatically triggered in the event of a serious accident e.g: if an airbag is deployed
  • It can also be manually activated if there is a medical emergency

Audi Incident Assist

Choose the type of help you need. In the event of a minor accident, e.g.: if the airbags are not deployed, a pop-up menu appears on your vehicle’s multimedia interface (MMI). Now you can make an emergency or online roadside assistance call, by following the necessary on-screen prompts. Available with Audi A6, A7, A8 and Q8 models with integrated SIM cards. Some advantages include:

  • It triggers manual or automatic emergency call
  • It provides personal voice support until help gets there
  • You can use this feature to call for assistance if another road user has been in an accident

Staying connected with your car means comfort and convenience are always part of the deal. Discover more security and remote-controlled features that come standard with your Audi.

Audi Service Request

Audi Service Request

Never forget another service. By activating the appointment request function on the myAudi app, you can ensure all relevant information is sent directly from your car to a preferred Audi Service Centre. It even books the appointment on your behalf. These advantages include:

  • You stay informed of all upcoming service requirements
  • The information about your car is sent to the Audi dealer, who will contact you proactively to initiate a service

Remember to select an Audi service centre of your choice before using this feature.

Vehicle Status Report

Vehicle Status Report

Know the condition of your Audi in real-time. Being able to monitor important information about your car wherever you are ensures an incredible sense of security. Keep the safety and condition of your Audi in check with the features that:

  • Monitor distance travelled
  • Shows distance travelled
  • Checks if windows or doors are open
  • Measures fuel level in the tank
  • Reports pending warnings and does maintenance checks e.g: oil level
Car Finder

Car Finder

Now it’s okay to forget where you parked. Finding your car has never been faster or less embarrassing. Simply select the car finder function on your myAudi app and receive walking directions along the most convenient route, straight to your Audi. It turns your smartphone into a remote control and enables you to identify your car easily by activating the horn or flashing the headlights.

Theft Alarm Notification

Theft Alarm Notification

If something illegal is happening to your Audi – you are the first to know. Make sure you activate the optional anti-theft alarm system on your myAudi app. It enables you to receive immediate alerts on your smartphone if your car is being broken into. More advantages of this feature include:

  • It sends e-mail and/ or push-to-smartphone notification
  • It lets you know when and why the alarm was triggered
  • It keeps a log of previous alarms
  • It is also triggered if your wheels are being tampered with
Remote Access

Remote Access

Enjoy complete Audi access in the palm of your hand. By using the myAudi app, you can manage your Audi remotely. So, via your smartphone, you can operate the doors, lights and the airconditioner in your car, wherever you are. All Audi remote access services come with a 3-year licence. More benefits include:

  • Check when and where your Audi was last locked/unlocked
  • Lock the vehicle at a later stage through the mobile application using the PIN code
  • Unlock securely with your PIN code


Define your boundaries. The Geofencing Alert service allows you to set up prohibited locations for your Audi. If the car enters or leaves one of these defined areas, you are warned without the driver’s knowledge. You can set parameters according to time of day or date, and save up to 10 no-go zones (Geofences) on myAudi. Geofencing is easy to set up and manage, and alerts are sent to you via email or text message.

Speed Alert

Speed Alert

You set the pace. The Speed Alert service allows you to monitor how fast your Audi is going in real-time. You are alerted immediately if a speed limit has been breached. More advantages of this feature include:

  • Save up to 5 speed limits on myAudi
  • Simple set-up and monitoring of speed limits
  • Know when your car’s being driven irresponsibly
  • Receive alerts via text message or email
Valet Alert

Valet Alert

Hand over your keys with confidence. Valet Alert warns you if someone else is enjoying your Audi a little too much. This feature allows you to set a perimeter and maximum speed for your vehicle. More benefits you can enjoy:

  • Effective control of valet parking services
  • Receive alerts via email or text message
  • Know when your vehicle leaves or enters a pre-defined area
  • Monitor transgression of speed limits
Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode

Control who sees your vehicle’s data. Manage the transmission of data between your Audi and back-end service providers. Use Privacy Mode to disable all outgoing data transmission except for information required for security services like emergency calling. The status of your privacy settings is displayed in the myAudi app.