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Audi connect

*Audi connect is not supported outside of South Africa

Discover Audi connect: networking that moves with you.

Introducing real-time mobile connectivity for you and your Audi. This is the power of intelligent networking at your fingertips. Audi connect links your car and smartphone, bringing you a range of security, infotainment and navigation features that you can access while you’re on the move.

Experience a safer, more comfortable and efficient drive with Audi connect.

Audi connect plug and play

Level up
Audi connect plug and play

The Audi connect plug and play app (iOS/Android) lets your smartphone use Bluetooth and the Audi DataPlug to connect to your vehicle, turning it into a connected car in no time at all. The solution can be retrofitted to many 2008 and later models without Audi connect.

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What exactly is Audi connect?

  • Audi connect is a bundle of online services that you can choose to add to your Audi.
  • This gives you real-time access to a range of information about your car and journey.
  • Use Audi connect to keep track of the fuel you have left, service appointments, places of interest along your route and so much more.
  • The services packages available to you depend on the model of your car and its MMI version.
  • Your Audi must be equipped with a pre-installed SIM card.
audi connect

Connect with peace of mind

True progress is about creating a secure and pleasurable drive. Intelligent Audi safety features ensure that you get the help you need at the push of a button. If there’s an accident, your Audi can request roadside assistance or emergency services - even if you can’t.

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Connect your world, digitally

Your myAudi app and Audi connect services work together, so you can access online infotainment, seamlessly. From live news and weather updates to navigation with satellite map (from MY 2019)* and destination searches - Audi connect brings your world closer. Voice control functions let you choose the information you want read aloud like social media feeds, texts or emails. Immerse yourself in a new digital ecosystem that puts you in control, wherever you are.

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