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What would you like to know about the Audi e-tron?

Explore FAQs from the categories below. These FAQs are based on the Audi e-tron 55.

Some of these questions will also apply to other plug-in hybrid and fully electric models.

  • Charging

    Enjoy more electric flexibility than ever, learn about how and where to charge your Audi e-tron.

  • Product

    Discover the possibilities of electric in the Audi e-tron, from performance and handling to safety and accessories.

  • Servicing

    Get to know more about the Audi e-tron’s servicing and insurance procedures made for your electric driving enjoyment.

  • Battery - type + facts

    Find out about how the Audi e-tron battery technology works and the maintenance it needs.

  • Price

    Learn more about the cost of going electric and how you can make it happen.