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Charging in public

Public charging infrastructure is crucial to delivering the freedom and flexibility of an electric vehicle. Audi offers e-tron customers access to a rapidly growing network of over 300 charging connectors, most of which are fast-charging, thanks to a partnership with a leading and reputable charging service provider. Audi have also partnered with global leaders in electrification, to offer fast charging points at authorised Audi e-tron dealerships nationwide. And with Audi connect, you can check the charge level of your e-tron in the myAudi app anytime, anywhere.

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    e-tron in everyday life

    The incredible acceleration. The almost silent drive. The great feeling of driving locally without CO2 emissions.

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    Charging stations

    Audi has partnered with GridCars and Rubicon in order to provide you with a seamless public charging experience. Click here to visit the ChargePocket app, which will allow you to view the public charging stations, and manage your charging account, as an e-tron owner.

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    Automatic Release of Charger

    Kindly ensure that your vehicle settings are updated to allow for the charger to be automatically released once charging is complete.

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    How to ensure the charger is automatically released when charging is complete, when using the public charging network?

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