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Charging at home.

Over 80 per cent of electric charging takes place at home. With safe parking and overnight off-peak electricity rates available, it's no wonder. Depending on individual house infrastructure and connection capacity, one could expect up to 256 km more range following an 8 hour charge. To support e-tron customers with preparing their home for efficient charging, Audi will be partnering with a certified installation service provider to offer individual home assessment and installation services. The following 4 steps will be followed:

  • 1. Home Assessment

    An EV charger home assessment is important to identify your home’s electrical infrastructure, the best orientation of the EV charger and the extra available capacity of your electrical supply. This service will be carried out by a a certified installation service provider.

  • 2. Report and Installation Quote

    The Sales Advisor will provide a summary report including an installation quote based on the home assessment. The report details the available capacity of your home, installation options and a quote to carry out an installation. Take some time to review the report and decide on the installation option that works best for you – in some circumstances the next steps may differ.

  • 3. EV Charger Installation

    A licensed electrician will install, test and certify the safe operation of your EV charger. Before they leave, they will talk you through everything you need to know about the safe operation of your EV charger and answer any questions you may have.

  • 4. Customer Service and Maintenance

    If you have any questions or issues, our customer call centre is just a phone call away on 0860 434 838 or you can email them at Our website also has some FAQ’s.

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