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Conversations of progress

The first step towards an electric future is believing in its potential to change how we live for the better. In this limited series, we pose some of the toughest, yet necessary, questions to electric vehicle advocates about what this future may look like in South Africa and what it’s like to live electric.

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    Chapter one:
    Re-energising progress

    Electric vehicles and load-shedding are two concepts that we can’t see working together; in this episode we dive deeper into this topic as we hear from Chris Aberdein, Audi e-tron GT owner and Director at Mulilo Renewable Energy, about exciting new ideas and possibilities around renewable energy and sophisticated grid technology.


Charging the conversation

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    Chris Aberdein
    Director at Mulilo Renewable Energy & Audi e-tron GT owner

    Chris is a serial entrepreneur whose journey has led him from being an official Audi race car driver in the 90s, to spearheading South Africa’s race toward renewable energy.

    Chris’ passion for electric vehicles extends beyond himself, he is determined to educate people on the positive impact EVs will have in South Africa and why we should all consider living electric.

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    Fifi Peters
    Award Winning Journalist & Host

    Fifi is an award-winning financial journalist with a career spanning over 10 years. She is currently the host of SAfm market update with Moneyweb, as well as an anchor for CNBC Africa.

    Fifi is committed to narrating Africa’s growth story and helping the continent reach its full potential by sharing information that is accurate, unbiased, and fair.

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    Tarryn Knight
    Head of Marketing, Product and PR, Audi South Africa

    Tarryn has worked in the automotive industry for over 16 years and is currently the Head of Product, Marketing and PR at Audi South Africa.

    Tarryn is committed to leading the conversation around electric mobility through empathy, understanding and progressive thinking - helping people adapt and embrace the change EVs will bring.

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    Shula Manzini
    Dealer Planning Manager, Audi South Africa

    As the Dealer Planning Manager for Audi South Africa, Shula must constantly think ahead and be ready to adapt at any and every moment.

    Shula has always had the future in mind and with every step taken she has made progress both professionally and personally. Shula is instrumental in the negotiation and implementation of Audi’s investment in the EV charging network in South Africa.

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    Chapter two:
    Progressive technology

    In this chapter we see the Audi RS e-tron GT pushing past the assumption that performance is lost in electric vehicles. Watch as we discuss the role of technology in mobility and how the key to an electric future is an optimistic and open attitude.

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    Chapter three:
    The future is electric

    In the last instalment of our ‘Conversations of progress’ series, we answer all the burning questions around what it’s like living electric. Join us as we tackle questions around charging, infrastructure, the drive, and long-distance travel.


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“Embrace it, take it on and be a part of the future.”

Chris Aberdein Director at Mulilo Renewable Energy & Audi e-tron GT owner

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    Electric vehicles will soon become the norm, gracing our streets in silent style. But until then, we know that the concept can be difficult to imagine. Explore the page below to find the answers to most of your burning questions.

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