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The good. The bad. The beautiful. Capture it all.

Part content creator, part surveillance camera, the Universal Traffic Recorder lets you see the world through your Audi’s eyes.

Motion picture takes on new meaning with the new Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR) from Audi Genuine Accessories. Easily installed in the front and rear of your vehicle, this recording device shoots full HD footage of your Audi’s surroundings, so you can capture life, unscripted.

Conveniently, the recorder also functions as your own personal private eye while you’re driving or parked. Three different surveillance modes allow for the capturing of video footage that may be used to pinpoint a source of damage or used to assist in disputes about responsibility in a court of law.

Surveillance Models

  • Standard Mode: UTR records while engine is running and stops when engine is turned off.
  • Event Mode: Recording triggered by impact or a sudden change in speed, detected by an acceleration sensor.
  • Parking Mode: Continuous recording is activated when engine is turned off and runs for over 2.5 hours OR UTR remains on standby for more than 48 hours at a time and starts recording only when motion is detected by radar sensors.

UTR Highlights

  • Can be installed in front of vehicle only or as a set in both front and rear.
  • Free corresponding smartphone app makes adjusting the recorder’s settings effortless.
  • Live View available via the app.
  • All footage is stored on an easy-to-eject SD card.
  • GPS system built into recorder saves location-based information to smartphone app, so drivers can easily find parked vehicle.
  • Video gallery on app allows for direct access to recorded data.
  • Full HD camera produces movie-quality footage.
  • Intelligent battery management system prevents UTR from draining vehicle’s power supply.
  • UTR can be easily disconnected and removed from vehicle to prevent break-ins.
  • Product structure complies with safety regulations
  • Elegant compact design integrates flawlessly with Audi interior and doesn’t obstruct driver’s view.