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Audi freeway Plan

Audi Freeway Plan

Keep everything Audi, with Audi

With the Audi Freeway Plan, every benefit we offer is set in black and white. There are no grey areas, unexpected surprises or sub-standard parts. It’s the plan made by Audi, for your Audi.

The recommended retail price on new vehicles includes 15% VAT, 1 year Warranty and a 5 year/ 100 000km Audi Freeway Maintenance Plan.

The Audi Freeway Plan is a comprehensive maintenance and service plan that offers cover in intervals up to 5 years / 100 000 km. The Audi Freeway Plan ensures that your Audi will always receive the attention of our highly-trained technicians, and nothing but very best Audi Genuine Parts. You may choose to extend your Audi Freeway Plan up to 10 years or 300 000 km, either at purchase or at any time prior to your plan’s expiry.

The benefits of the Audi Freeway Plan include:

- 24 hour Audi Assist roadside assistance
- No hidden costs
- No limit in terms of claim value
- No limit in terms of individual parts
- Highly trained Audi technicians
- Audi Genuine Parts (with a 2 year warranty)
- Protection of residual value
- Protection from parts inflation – no additional costs
- Safety, performance, reliability