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Audi Freeway Plan Extension

Value beyond tomorrow

Having peace of mind doesn’t end when your service and maintenance plan does.

The Audi Freeway Plan Extension is designed to cover your scheduled services and maintenance (or just your scheduled services) for up to 15 years or 300 000 km.

Extensions can be calculated on time or mileage, with both service as well as full maintenance options. Your Audi Freeway Plan can be extended, with no waiting period, at any time before your existing Freeway Plan expires. Should you choose to purchase an extension with your new vehicle, the cost can be included in your financing through Audi Financial Services via the Mobility Mart.

The table below shows our recommended extension intervals, as they relate to time and mileage:
5 years
120 000 km
6 years
150 000 km and 180 000 km
7 years
210 000 km
8 years
240 000 km
9 years
270 000 km
10 to 15 years
300 000 km
Benefits of extending your Audi Freeway Plan:

- Immediate coverage – no waiting period
- Covers all services as per service schedule – no hidden costs
- Protection from parts inflationary increases on Audi Genuine Parts
- No limit in terms of claim value
- Contracts may be extended subject that the current contract (AFP or AFP Extension) is still active

(For other benefits, please consult the Audi Freeway Plan)