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Audi Maintenance and Service Plans | Audi Financial Services
Audi Maintenance and Service Plans

Audi Maintenance & Service Plans

Audi’s comprehensive range of maintenance and service plans offer elegant simplicity, with a plan to suit your needs and finances. The recommended retail price on new vehicles includes 15% VAT, 1 year Warranty and a 5 year/ 100 000km Audi Freeway Maintenance Plan. You may choose to extend your Audi Freeway Plan to cover your vehicle up to 10 years / 300 000 km at any time before your existing Freeway Plan expires. Should you choose to purchase an extension with your new vehicle, the cost can be included in your financing through Audi Financial Services.

Extensions are available in intervals based on the age of the vehicle and the distance it has travelled.

Alternatively, selecting an Audi Service or Audi Value Service plan allows you to cost-effectively maintain and service your Audi at your chosen Audi Dealership for the duration of its lifetime.

For assistance in the world beyond our Dealerships, Audi Assist 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, is offered as part of any of the maintenance plan offerings