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A Story of Progress

A Story of Progress

Hear our protagonists discuss digitalisation, sustainability, design, and performance by sharing insights into their stories of progress. By exploring their progressive outlook and passion for their craft, discover how our protagonists have become icons within their respective fields.

Audi e-tron GT

The new, fully electric Audi e-tron GT

Learn about the technology in the Audi e-tron range, along with your charging options, range calculations and how well it will fit into your everyday life.

Audi connect plug and play

Level up Audi connect plug and play

The Audi connect plug and play app (iOS/Android) lets your smartphone use Bluetooth and the Audi DataPlug to connect to your vehicle, turning it into a connected car in no time at all. The solution can be retrofitted to many 2008 and later models without Audi connect.

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Designed as an experience device

Conceived from the inside out every inch of the way, the Audi urbansphere concept¹ offers intuitive technologies and individual services for immersive experiences in the Four Rings’ most spacious interior yet.

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    Delivery situation

    The events of the last several months have led to worldwide semiconductor supply disruptions, particularly concerning microchips. To what extent is Audi affected, and how are we dealing with this challenge?

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Update on delivery times and product restrictions

Like many other manufacturers and other sectors of the industry, we are experiencing some supply chain issues and a few of our components are in short supply, in particular those relating to semiconductor chips, which have reduced our production capacity and restricted certain product specifications. This means that delivery times for some of our models are taking a little longer than we would normally expect. Please be assured that we are working hard to deliver your chosen vehicle as quickly as possible and your local Audi Dealership will keep you updated on what’s happening as best that they can. The worldwide semiconductor chip shortage is volatile and we expect that this is expected to continue within the coming months. We are analysing the situation continuously and coordinating closely with our Headquarters at Audi AG to respond flexibly to production stoppages, equipment restrictions and delayed orders. Our aim is to limit the impact on our customers as best that we can. Please keep in contact with your local Audi Dealership to evaluate alternative options available for you to purchase through our readily available stock, or extend your Audi Freeway Plan until the time is right for a new vehicle purchase that suits your requirements.