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Audi Freeway Plan Extension


Drive without question.

Never be in doubt. Extend your Audi Freeway Plan.

There is only one thing more satisfying than driving an Audi every day. And that’s making those days turn into years. If you want to continue your journey with the maximum value, extend your Freeway Plan to cover your Service and Maintenance costs, in advance.

Extending your Service or Maintenance plan gives you the expertise of Qualified Technicians at Audi Dealers and lets you safely and enjoyably drive at peak performance. The Extension can cover up to 7 years, or 200 000 km, providing a range of options suited for our drivers.

The Audi Freeway Plan Extension covers all Maintenance and Service costs of your Audi vehicle excluding between-service top-up fluids, fuel, cracked or broken glass, and tyres.

Keep the Vorsprung in your Audi. And your drive.