Audi Genuine Parts

Quality down to the last detail

Quality is the sum of many parts
Because each individual part fulfils its task precisely and reliably, Audi Genuine Parts originate during the development of your Audi – all parts are made to match one another. If improvements are made in series production, they are also adopted for Audi Genuine Parts. Our Audi offer a one-year guarantee on all Audi Genuine Parts.

Many parts are also available as Audi Genuine Replacement Parts - a resource-saving alternative, which is subject to the same stringent quality requirements.


Audi Genuine Brakes
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Audi Genuine Brakes offer optimum braking performance, exemplary comfort and high wear resistance to ensure outstanding functionality.


Tailored material compositions ensure high performance.
Ventilated brake discs improve cooling and ensure uniform temperature distribution.
Excellent friction coefficient between the Disc and Pad
shortens stopping distance.


The brake pads are quiet and work smoothly.
Insensitive to temperatures.
Precision control when braking the vehicle.
Same braking effect in both directions of rotation of the brake disc.
Excellent self-cleaning properties.
Good directional stability.

Timing belts

Audi Genuine Timing Belts

Audi Genuine Timing Belts allow the engine to be operated precisely at all times and are made of high-strength synthetic and glass fibres to withstand the rigors of tough frequent use.


  • A wear-resistant coating to withstand frequent use under a wide range of conditions.
  • Heat and moisture resistant to withstand temperature fluctuations.
  • Work best with Audi Genuine Tensioners to maintain ideal belt tension and extended service life.


  • High-strength material prevents stretching.
  • Wear-resistant and highly durable.
  • Extremely heat and moisture resistant.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.

Dust/Pollen Filters

Audi Genuine Dust and Pollen Filters

Dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust from penetrating the vehicle interior. Audi Genuine Dust and Pollen Filters clean the air within your Audi’s interior which means a safer drive and a healthier driver.


  • Effective removal of airborne contaminants.
  • Charcoal microfilter that reduces odours and absorbs gaseous pollutants.
  • Ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air within the vehicle.


  • Helps to prevent fogged windows.
  • Eases allergy symptoms.
  • Protects air conditioning units.
  • Reduces noxious odours.


Audi Genuine Starter Batteries

Audi Genuine Starter Batteries reliably provide the necessary energy for engine starting and for all the vehicle’s electronic components and power consumers.


  • Removable booklet in the box label with installation instructions.
  • Acid level indicator.
  • Degassing plug on the protective cap of the positive terminal.


  • Reliable ignition, even when starting from cold at low temperatures.
  • Very low maintenance, hardly any checks required.
  • Start-stop starter batteries adapted for use in urban traffic.

Shock absorbers

Audi Genuine shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are key to how an Audi handles, rides and brakes. In Audi Genuine Shock Absorbers a piston, guided by a piston rod, moves up and down in a cylinder filled with an oil and gas mixture.


  • Specially tailored to each vehicle type, model and engine variant.
  • Latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • Extensive product range including older models.


  • Excellent ride comfort and consistent driving safety.
  • Optimum compatibility with all other chassis components.
  • Excellent grip and cornering stability.
  • High level of steering safety.

Aero Wipers

Audi Genuine Aero Wipers

Audi Genuine Aero Wiper blades are tailored to Audi models to ensure optimum aero-dynamic performance.


  • A spoiler increases pressure and ensures reliability at high speeds.
  • A sturdy, movable mount ensures excellent wiping performance.
  • Innovative protective coating protects against environmental effects.


  • Excellent wipe quality at all speeds.
  • The spoiler enables the wiper to adhere well to the windscreen.
  • Reduced wind noise because air flow acts on a smaller area.
  • Well suited to winter use.

Air filters

Audi Genuine Air Cleaners

Air cleaners supply the engine with clean air with minimal loss of pressure. Audi Genuine Air Cleaners offer a large filter surface which is needed for maximum performance.


  • High degree of resistance.
  • Tested to manage high and low pressures.
  • Consistent performance.


  • Efficient collection of dust and foreign bodies.
  • Excellent water removal performance.
  • No transmission of vibrations or structure-borne noise to body and neighbouring parts.

Spark plugs

Audi Genuine Spark Plugs

Ignition performance and spark plug quality have a direct effect on engine properties. Audi Genuine Spark Plugs help to optimise performance, fuel consumption and durability.


  • A high-quality ceramic insulates the connection between central electrode and terminal stud.
  • The earth electrode is made from platinum to cope with high thermal loads.
  • The spark plug is adapted to the engine management system to enable reliable ignition.


  • Improved combustion increases the efficiency and reduces pollutants.
  • Smoother idling.
  • A service life of approximately 60,000 km reduces service costs.
  • Powerful acceleration and a high degree of engine elasticity.


Audi Genuine windscreens

Audi Genuine Windscreens are manufactured according to our stringent quality standards and offer protection against weather conditions with added safety and comfort.


  • Quality checked throughout manufacturing.
  • Each windscreen undergoes a series of tests to ensure top quality.


  • High wiping quality as windscreen and wipers are tailored to work with one another.
  • Reduced sensitivity to cracking due to co-ordinated internal stress ratios.
  • Distortion-free view of the road.
  • Lower external noise levels.
  • Long-term resistance to environmental effects.