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Comparing headlights

Whether xenon plus, LED or LED Matrix headlights - the decision is yours. The xenon plus headlights are convincing with their efficiency; the LED headlights feature a striking design.

With xenon plus headlights, you can always see what lies ahead of you. The road is optimally illuminated with a particularly bright, daylight-quality high and low beam, both in the dark and in bad weather.

The LED headlamps complement the exterior - in addition to providing precise side, close range and high beam illumination - with their unique design. Motorway mode, available from a speed of 110 km/h, automatically offers an increased range.

The Audi Matrix LED headlamps split the LED main beam into numerous small individual diodes, which work together with upstream lenses or reflectors. They always provide high precision illumination and the maximum possible light yield without the need for a swivel mechanism.