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Audi Technology

Advanced technology is created by those with the courage to reimagine the possible. Those who defy convention and push performance to the limits. Who engineer lighter, more efficient vehicles. Innovate intelligent technology that anticipates drivers' needs. And design silhouettes that defy trends in the interest of progress.


Quattro: grip, whatever the weather.

quattro is our renowned all-wheel drive technology. But it's more than just a technology - quattro is a philosophy. It stands for driving safety and sportiness, technical competence and a dynamic approach to life.

Virtual Cockpit

As a driver, the information you need constantly changes. That's why the Audi Virtual Cockpit changes with you. Find your nearest petrol station, make that important call and check the latest traffic updates – all at the touch of a button.


Audi TFSI combines direct injection with forced induction supercharging or turbocharging. This unleashes higher power output with greater fuel efficiency and produces outstanding responsiveness — making the engine an extension of the driver.


Think of this as built-in intuition. The Audi MMI operating system allows you to instinctively manage an array of systems, including navigation, entertainment, interior, and even ride dynamics on models with Audi drive select. The result is a balance of simplicity, intuitiveness, and elegance to enhance your ownership experience.


LED Headlights

See and be seen. Audi LED technology helps create lighting that's powerful and iconic, not only in the dark of night, but also in broad daylight. The stylish design is aesthetically pleasing and also increases visibility to others, whether you’re coming or going.



Proven on the track. Reinforced by the checkered flag. A proving ground for Audi technology, the commitment to motorsport isn’t just for show. It’s a science. The racetrack has repeatedly been a laboratory for successfully developing revolutionary Audi innovations, including Audi quattro all-wheel drive, TFSI and TDI diesel engines.

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    Audi ultra

    Audi ultra lightweight technology uses advanced material and construction methods that allow our cars to be lighter. Lightweight design means the minimum material in the right place for the best performance. This is proof that less is definitely more.

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    Audi Sport

    Performance born on the racetrack and tuned for the road. Every ounce of innovation is designed to make each moment in an Audi performance model more memorable than the last.

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