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Engen Audi GTC Racing Team

Audi and the motorsport world

It all started in the early 1980’s, with the revolutionary introduction of quattro all-wheel drive, which drove Audi’s four rings over numerous finishing lines in the motorsport world.

Our continuous dedication to innovation has ensured success right through to the present, with each of Audi’s motorsport properties yielding impressive results for the brand on a local and global level.

Categorized under the Audi Sport range, the iconic red rhombus is the embodiment of perfectionism, performance and adrenaline-induced thrills. It is the symbol that represents Audi’s long history of superiority in motorsport innovations, fueled by a passion to never stand still.

What better way to put those extraordinary Audi Sport brand characteristics into practice, than by partnering with long-time Audi envoy, Terry Moss Racing, under the official team name of Engen Audi.

Terry Moss is a motorsport legend and his entire team, including Michael Stephen and Simon Moss, have produced excellent results for the Audi brand. This year, they will be defending their Grand Touring Cars Africa Championship (GTC) title for the third consecutive time.

This success goes far beyond talented driving and performance from the Audi A3 race vehicles. It stems from hard work, a strong team effort, and a desire to achieve greatness. This is the core of Vorsprung which is exactly what the Audi Sport brand aims to accomplish, through our motorsport partnership with the Engen Audi team.