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Feed Your Love of Driving with the Audi Online Technology Showcase

Car enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Audi’s online technology platform now offers an effective and educative way of making use of your free time, with a showcase of the Audi motoring technology that makes modern driving so exciting.

The Audi Explanatory Videos page is an indispensable resource for anyone who is looking to familiarise themselves with the features of an Audi and is also an ideal opportunity for consumers to explore new technologies in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.

Until Audi Dealership showrooms are openly accessible to the majority of the public, these videos are an excellent way to educate, enlighten, inform and up-skill your knowledge on the excellent technology and innovation found in an Audi as well as learn more about each model’s features and benefits.

The short, easy-to-understand videos function as a simple and informative update on the latest vehicle technology and how it works. Topics include Infotainment; Lighting Innovations; Driver Assist Systems; Operating Elements – displays and controls; and Interior Functions. The full spec breakdown.

The Audi Explanatory Videos have been made available by Audi in an effort to share some of the latest ways that the brand is driving progress in the motoring space, under its guiding principle of Vorsprung Durch Technik (Advancement through technology).

Users can marvel at the auto-charging and connectivity functions of the Audi Phone Box, wonder at the thermal images provided by Night Vision Assistant, admire the personalisation options of the Audi MMI or find out how to synchronise the climate control within the cabin of an Audi.

All of these functions and many more are showcased within the Audi Explanatory Videos portal, giving Audi fans and curious car lovers alike, the chance to experience a different angle to the world of motoring. It’s an ideal way to feed your love of driving and to keep the excitement alive, while still learning a new thing or two.

To view the Audi Explanatory Video portal, click here.
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