The new Audi A4: major upgrade now sportier and even more cutting edge

Audi connect: Offering convenience and safety on the go

Audi connect is quickly changing the way in which drivers interact with their vehicle on a daily basis, by offering a host of benefits and features. While some features of Audi connect focus on navigation and infotainment, others focus on safety, security and convenience.

Sit back and relax

Audi connect simplifies vehicle ownership by offering numerous features that alleviate time-consuming tasks, like effectively assisting owners with vehicle service bookings. This is done by activating the appointment request function on the myAudi app, which then ensures that all relevant information is sent directly from the vehicle to the preferred Audi Dealership. Other benefits include automatic service reminders as well as the ability to stay informed of any upcoming service requirements.

Knowing your Audi better

Audi connect allows you to monitor key aspects of your vehicle in real-time, no matter where your physical location is. Through the myAudi app, the system gives insight into important vehicle information such as the distance travelled or the fuel range. The functionality can also inform you on pending warnings like an oil level assessment. This ensures that you are better informed about the status of your Audi, while you are on the move.

Location is the key

Finding your car has never been easier thanks to the Audi connect system. Simply select the car finder function on the myAudi app and receive walking directions along the most convenient route, straight to your Audi. Not sure if the vehicle's doors are locked or if the windows are closed? With the myAudi app, your smartphone can configure into remote control functionality thereby allowing you to activate the horn or the headlights and even set the air conditioner in your car, from wherever you are.

The system also offers a Geofencing alert service which enables you to set up prohibited locations. If the vehicle enters or leaves one of these defined areas, you will immediately receive an alert. You can also set parameters according to time of day or date. Speed Alert is another safety benefit that not only lets you monitor the speed of your Audi in real-time but will also notify you when a speed limit has been exceeded.

Safety first no matter where you are

Audi connect gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety and security. If someone is tampering with your Audi, you will be the first to know via the Theft Alarm Notification. Audi connect will notify you via email and push notifications on the myAudi app in order to keep you informed about the safety and security of your Audi.

In the event of an emergency or if you are in need of roadside assistance, a press of a button will alert the Audi Assist support centre to provide you with help and care. You can even use this feature to call for assistance if another road user has been in an accident. The system sends accurate vehicle and location data to the emergency call centre which means that you are assured of a quick response at the site of the incident. In the event of a more serious accident where you might not be able to call for help, your car will automatically connect to the Audi emergency call centre. The GPS position, driving direction, and how many passengers are in the vehicle is transmitted to the relevant local authorities as well.

While the spectrum of Audi connect services is model dependent, this latest technology ensures that you will have a far safer, more comfortable and efficient drive with Audi. Audi connect is due to roll out in a few models across the Audi product range in South Africa this year and beyond, starting with the new Audi A4 model in October. To read more about Audi connect, click here.

*The equipment, data, information and prices stated in this document refer to the Audi model range and current brand initiatives offered in South Africa, at the time of print and/or upload. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.