Take a Slow Drive with us in the New A6 Sedan

This period of National lock-down and social isolation has been a critical action in our country’s campaign to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. It has had solid benefits in slowing transmission of the disease but it has also had unanticipated benefits as we begin to muse on our personal and professional lives, and what we’ve previously taken for granted – writes Trevor Hill, Head of Audi South Africa.

As an automotive person or basically a lover of cars, for me this has meant a thorough reappraisal of the true freedom that mobility offers. In the past, we may have not given it much thought, but there is nothing like the past few weeks or a dose of reality to help you appreciate the enjoyment of driving, road trips and the open road.

Sitting at home gets you longing for some of the experiences that only driving can provide. A coastal road trip; a Sunday afternoon drive; quality time in your car with just your thoughts and the music that you love… These are all expressions of freedom, joys we must savour and appreciate when we get to experience them again.

In trying to recapture some of the driving thrills that I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy, I found myself exploring an innovative film production that caters directly to car enthusiasts like myself, fondly longing for a long road trip in a luxury sedan.

The film is a four-hour slow movie of a road trip through the Central Australian countryside created by my colleagues at Audi Australia. Titled The Drive, it is mostly filmed from inside the cabin of the newly launched Audi A6, with the driver’s perspective of the winding roads, forested lanes and mountain passes of the area. All of this is set against a unique soundtrack which aims to capture your attention and take you to “another world”.

The ultimate effect is almost meditative. The soothing music, the beauty of the passing countryside, and the sense of almost being able to feel the acceleration and comfort of the new Audi A6 Sedan as it drives. This all combines to create a powerful approximation and appreciation of a driving experience and the freedom of mobility.

The slow movie is part of a trend towards longer-form filmmaking to express experiences and moods instead of just sharing information or entertainment. This Audi innovation is a digital concept that allows customers to experience the pleasure of the open road from the confines of their home, and to offer Audi fans some tranquillity and pleasure during these uncertain times.

The meditative quality of The Drive reminds us of the calm and comfort that a long drive can bring. It’s also a clever example of how innovation and progress don’t need to stop. Audi has managed to reach out and connect with consumers, despite the limitations of lock-downs and social distancing and to tap into a need for a calming, zen experience in this current climate.
Watch The Drive here:
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