Premium and practical mobility: Introducing a brand and business promise which delivers value at a very relevant time

A new reality is amongst us

As the world collectively reflects during this uncertain time and businesses rethink their plans and objectives, our relationship with mobility also requires reflection.

As individuals, many of us have begun questioning what is really important to us, and trying to find the most efficient, effective and sustainable way of making those values form part of our daily lives. Now, has become a relevant time for consumers to re-evaluate their purchasing behaviour.

A practical solution that provides premium value

n the premium motoring space, Audi Pre-owned offers a fitting business promise to service this new reality. It includes a practical motoring solution, giving customers the opportunity to access the brand quality, integrity and confidence associated with a premium brand, on reasonable terms, and with complete peace of mind.

The Audi Pre-owned promise is completely integrated within the Audi brand’s value proposition which is built on trust, assurance and integrity. This ensures that customers are not compromised in any way when transacting with Audi Pre-owned: from purchasing an Audi Pre-owned vehicle, trading in or selling their current Audi within the Audi network of Dealerships.

In times of uncertainty, customers value certainty

Customers can be assured that when they buy an Audi Pre-owned, it has been through an 80-point integrity check, and that its history of service and maintenance as well as the provenance of the car itself have been validated. Customers can also be sure that they’re buying a vehicle which has been previously loved and well cared for, again reinforcing the uncompromising quality that Audi vehicles are known for. Audi Pre-owned also guarantees that the vehicle has been part of an unbroken chain of care in the Audi ecosystem throughout its life. Every service interaction has been with Audi, using Audi Genuine Parts, by Audi trained technicians and with specialised equipment.

Additionally and for added peace of mind, Audi Pre-owned also includes the Audi Freeway Plan with a minimum cover of 1 year and/or 25 000 kilometres or the balance remaining of the original Audi Freeway Plan up to 5 years and 100 000 kilometres – whichever is the greater, to address any service and maintenance needs (within the policy parameters).

So it’s very apparent that an Audi Pre-owned vehicle’s age or history doesn’t define the quality parameters due to the Audi Pre-owned promise inherent in every vehicle. It’s an excellent, premium and practical mobility choice regardless of its model year or ownership cycle.

Nobody loves your Audi, more than Audi

Audi Pre-owned also offers a reassuring way of trading in and selling your vehicle back to Audi. Keeping this within the Audi family means that an Audi Dealership is likely to pay a premium for your Audi. As the custodians of the Audi brand, Audi Dealerships hold the expertise in trading with Audi vehicles which means that they should be the obvious first choice when considering the sale of your current Audi. Trading in your Audi at Audi Pre-owned also ensures that other consumers are granted affordable access to the Audi brand backed completely by the Audi brand promise, which is great for Audi brand fans who have always held the aspiration to be part of the four rings family.

We all appreciate the luxury and comfort of a premium vehicle but at a time when consumers are looking for value and sustainability, Audi Pre-owned provides an accessible and practical purchase solution, without compromise. In South Africa, driving an Audi is a unique motoring adventure and a powerful statement of personal identity. Now, owning a premium car and being part of the Audi family is well within reach and still a relevant consideration, at Audi Pre-owned.

The equipment, data, information and prices stated in this document refer to the Audi model range and current brand initiatives offered in South Africa, at the time of print and/or upload. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.