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Technical information

1. What are the safety and security benefits of Audi connect?
Some services, like emergency calling and online roadside assistance, come standard with your Audi. Special Audi connect services, such as predictive route guidance and satellite navigation, allow you to plan the safest, most comfortable route to your destination.
2. What are the technical requirements of Audi connect?
These depend on the model of your Audi and the country that you’re in. Audi connect services can only be used in combination with MMI Navigation and its equipment. In addition, a 4G-compatible SIM card and data is helpful. Micro or nano SIM cards will not work.
3. How do I register and connect with this service?
Download the myAudi app from your smartphone’s app store. Then register your account and set up an Audi vehicle profile. You will be guided through this process with easy-to-follow prompts at every step.
4. What SIM card do I need?
You connected Audi comes with an integrated SIM card but you can insert your own SIM card if you wish. If you prefer to use your own SIM card, it must be in good condition and have the data option activated. It must be compatible with 4G. For more information, please contact your network service provider.
5. How can I check how much data has been used?
The phone settings include an "online usage meter".

Follow these steps to view data usage:
1. Press TEL button
2. Go to Settings
3. Connections
4. Data Connection
5. Select Online Usage

The usage counter indicates the volume of data received and sent via Audi connect.
6. How can I access the online news feature?
Select and store your preferred new channels through your myAudi account. As a last step in the configuration, connect the vehicle and your myAudi account via the Audi connect “Login” menu on the in-car multimedia interface (MMI).
7. How can the Wi-Fi access point be used?
First select Telephone from the Audi MMI main menu. Then follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings
2. Then Connections
3. Select Wi-Fi connection
4.Select Wi-Fi then set the connection to ON
8. Do I have to renew these licences?
Yes, or you will lose access to the services once your licence expires. You can renew Audi connect licences at your Audi dealership.
9. For which vehicles is Audi connect available?
Audi connect is available for the A4 model in South Africa. Please contact your Audi dealer for the latest information on upcoming models compatible with Audi connect.