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Audi Genuine Parts | Approved Motor Body Repairers | Audi SA

Quality is the sum of many parts.

Because each individual part fulfils its task precisely and reliably, Audi Genuine Parts, Spares and Replacement Parts originate during the development of your Audi – all parts are made to match one another. If improvements are made in series production, they are also adopted for Audi Genuine Parts. Your Audi partners grant a one-year statutory guarantee on Audi Genuine Parts.

In producing parts for maintenance, upkeep and repairs, it’s also important to keep an eye on the big picture: the vehicle for which they were constructed. Every step of the process, ranging from research and development to the distribution of parts, is performed by Audi or under its guidance and supervision. This convergence of expertise means that Audi always knows exactly what is needed for each part to function reliably, in every situation and under every challenge, and for all parts to interact in perfect harmony.

You want to climb into your Audi without a second thought, so you can just focus on the road ahead. You also demand a level of safety that not only protects, but also reassures.