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Audi Freeway Plan Extension

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Audi Freeway Plan Extension - An Extended Piece of Mind for You

All Audi vehicles are beautifully and sturdily built, but the regular maintenance and servicing of these vehicles are still of paramount importance to guarantee that you get unsurpassed reliability from them. The Audi Freeway Plan is a flexible plan designed to ensure that your vehicle is regularly maintained and serviced by approved Audi Dealerships at no additional cost to you.

This extended motor plan guarantees that your vehicle receives the highest quality of service from our highly qualified teams of technicians. Driving a luxury vehicle does not come with financial peace of mind for many people, but with an Audi Freeway Plan you are assured that your vehicle will be serviced and maintained at no additional cost to you.

The proper care of your Audi encompasses everything from general maintenance and vehicle care to driving safely and responsibly. With the Audi Freeway Plan your luxury vehicle’s maintenance and care are comprehensively covered.

The Audi Freeway Plan Extension allows you to extend your Maintenance Plan or Service Plan.

Two more years of a plan that really works

Do you find yourself wanting to drive your Audi vehicle less and less because your motor plan is coming to an end? This need not be the case because Audi allows you to extend your Freeway Plan up to seven years or up to 200 000 km, enabling you to focus your energy on what’s important to you while your vehicle’s needs are taken care of by the professionals.

The Audi Freeway Plan Extension covers all maintenance and service costs of your Audi vehicle excluding between-service top-up fluids, fuel, cracked or broken glass, and tyres.