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Audi Club of South Africa

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Audi Club of South Africa

The Audi Club was created in 2002, for Audi enthusiasts to share their interest in Audi motorcars and meet and discuss various topics about Audi.

The Audi Club is growing at a rapid pace reflecting the success and enthusiasm for the Audi brand. Initially the Club was reserved for Audi owners, but throughout the years, many friendships have been forged and some of the members do not own an Audi anymore. The Club feel it is more important to keep these relationships and therefore decided to open the Club to anyone, of course the theme remains focused on the passion, Audi.

Audi Club SA hold regular meetings such as breakfast runs, lunches, weekends away, track days and treasure hunts, etc. The Club has a vast amount of technical knowledge about the different models ranging from mid '80s to the present, coupled with a very strong following from many vendors and service providers.

The Audi Club of South Africa is an independent, non-profit organisation, with no affiliation whatsoever to Audi of South Africa or any Audi Dealers in South Africa.